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analog dish 522 reciever color misalignment?

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May 28, 2014, 9:13 AM

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analog dish 522 reciever color misalignment?

i have an old dish 522 reciever that uses the analogue co-axial connection for tv viewing. for the longest time i have not known WHERE the tv#2 remote is, and i found it earlier tonight. after connecting my dish coaxial cable and programming my remote to work with my tv, i turned it all on and noticed something that i hadnt noticed from anything else- not my computer (over hdmi), not my ps3(also hdmi), and not even my wii!(the RCA-plugged component type connector, which uses the almost the exact same video format as co-axial as far as i know). the problem, you ask? the r, g, and b colors are not, well, together..... the red is to the right of the green and the blue is to the left. not to a major extent as to five headaches from the degree ofcolor seperation, but it is easily noticeable. is there any possible way to minimize or remove this color seperation effect?