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RCA 42LA45RQ with no back light

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Oct 10, 2014, 6:18 PM

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RCA 42LA45RQ with no back light

I have a RCA 42LA45RQ that I am trying to revive. It only has 3 boards in it and I have changed out all three. The only function I have been able to recover is the sound and tuning. I have no picture. The back light is not functioning (e.g. no high voltage. There is a set of three wires going from the processor board (TRSC*.1B) to the PS board. It is labeled on one end as GND, ADJ and ON/OFF. I am assuming this is the signal from the processing board to the PS to turn on the back light part of the PS. There is only 0.21 volts on the ON/OFF and 1.93 volts on the ADJ coming from the processing board. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this any further?