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Dynex DX-46L262A12 - Lightning strike \ Malfunctioning

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Jan 11, 2017, 4:45 PM

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Dynex DX-46L262A12 - Lightning strike \ Malfunctioning

Looking for some advice on a DIY repair about to take on as a noob.
Considering that a replacement is $200, really wouldn't want to pursue unless it can be fixed for less than $100

TV - Dynex DX-46L262A12
Connected to Soundbar, which manages DirecTV box and Xbox console

Had a lightning strike near the house that shorted out living room TV and accessories.

-After unplugging all devices from Sound bar and testing dvd\cable directly to HDMI, concluded that TV was affected.
-Screen came on, but video\sound was choppy.
-After turning off and turning on again later, nothing. Menu buttons on side of TV were randomly changing Inputs, but no video\sound.

Next day (after purchasing new TV and making family happy again)- decided to take on DIY repair.
-plugged into different cable box
-TV turns on, no Video or Sound
-The Welcome screen comes up and menu graphic is visable, Volume graphic is visible
-Buttons in Menu are not working properly, Cannot change Input
-The previously plugged in components (Sat box, Xbox) are working properly.
-I've opened the TV and did not noticed and burned capacitors or boards.

From research, I'm concluding that i need to replace the main board (6MS00501C0), which for some reason, is
near impossible to find.

So my questions to community:
-Am I on the right track here, or am i making a false assumption about the main board?
-Is the existing main board fixable?

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Jan 13, 2017, 1:54 AM

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Re: [da-ga-11] Dynex DX-46L262A12 - Lightning strike \ Malfunctioning

I guess to thre dumpster...