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Smart stick confusion

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Nov 28, 2017, 4:51 PM

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Smart stick confusion

Help - I am wanting to get some form of simple device so I can watch Netflix on one of our TVs in the house (we don't have a smart TV) . Looking on the web I see there are so called "Smart" Sticks and also "HDMI Streaming" sticks. Looking at the specs of these they seem to do differing things so what do I need?

I think I need either a Roku Express or Roku 1 or an Android Streaming stick - but am very confused by terms such as "Chromecast" and "Easycast"

Really all I need is to be able to watch Netflix and U-tube and a few other basic apps. Can anyone explain what the differences on all these things are please!!!! Or indeed recommend something which would do what I want -

I don't need 4k
I do have HDMI inputs on the TVs
I do have good wi--fi in the rooms concerned