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Samsung Plasma # PN60F5500AFXZA Has Sound but No Picture

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Mar 28, 2018, 10:56 PM

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Samsung Plasma # PN60F5500AFXZA Has Sound but No Picture

Hi. Im having these issues listed below. Based on your experience what seems wrong with my Samsung Plasma?

Samsung Plasma # PN60F5500AFXZA

I have tested various test spots on the power supply board with both X and Y Boards connected and disconnected, separately and together, and here are the results:

Power Supply Connected to X and Y and TV turned on:

Bridge Rectifier / Diodes read correct AC and DC volts.

TS = 212v and slowly drops to 0v
VA = 10v and drops to 1v

Boards Connected (TV turned on):

X Board:
X-OUT = 10v

Y Sustained Board:
VE = 0v
VSCAN = 0v
OUTL = 0v

Y-BUFFER = No Ohms Registering on test pots OUTL and OUTH - 0 ohms

Power Board behaves the same exact way (dropping to 0v) when disconnected from X-Board and TV turned on - either way it drops from 212v to 0v. - Also behaves the same way when reconnected to X-Board and Y Board disconnected from X-Board.

A couple of side notes: Main Board LED is blinking every 5 seconds. I have also tested the power supply connection/pins to the main board. They are all under volt by 1v (including stand by power at 4v) And power on pin reads 2.8v until turning on TV - that pin drops to 0v

Power Supply to X-Board Pin Readings (with TV turned on and with both X-Board connected and/or disconnected to Y = same results):
VS1 = 10v
VS2 = 10v
NC = 0v
VA = 0v
VCC = 14v

Lastly, TV had to sit longer and longer each time before it would turn back back. Toward the end it had to sit one hour, then over night and finally only sound would play. The picture remained good until the bitter end, ha.

I Hope that helps and thank you very much.

PS. The TV was purchased in 2013. Sadly, not even 5 years old :/