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Chinon VC1700 Camcorder Help if possible

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May 18, 2018, 10:12 PM

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Chinon VC1700 Camcorder Help if possible

As an older retired service engineer who suffers from sight and shakes to some degree I take on "dumb" projects to keep me going until I get faulty items to fix for real. <br> <br>I took on an old Chinon VC1700 camcorder of the VHS-C brigade thought it would be fun plus soldering practice, smd caps had failed so I have fixed the most bad and it now "talks" to me from being dead. Its drum will not spin up but will load and FF and REW till it shuts down soon after, now I know finding a Chinon manual is Very rare but figure these machines were a combination of various manufacturers at that time. <br> <br>Could anyone help me by telling me whose deck this is (I have pictures do not see how to display on this forum), plus I have a few board numbers if they will identify it further. <br> <br>VE0542A, VE0541A, M492, VV0266B, VV0267B and VM0041B <br> <br>Many thanks from David. <br>

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May 19, 2018, 12:24 AM

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Re: [Deltatango] Chinon VC1700 Camcorder Help if possible

Imgur or other sharing sites. Saw posts (pictures as thumbnails) on that other forum, but I do NOT want to sign up for a forum I will only visit once.

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