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Vizio XVT323SV "No Signal"

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Feb 22, 2019, 6:34 AM

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Vizio XVT323SV "No Signal"


I have a Vizio model XVT323SV television. I purchased the TV in 2011.

I cut the cord many years ago, so I watch videos from Hulu and Netflix by connecting my computer to my TV via HDMI. From the time I purchased the TV, I had the HDMI cable in the first position. Everything worked great until a few days ago.

While watching a video, the screen went black and a few moments later the “No Signal” box appeared on the screen. It had never happened before so I restarted the computer and turned off, then on the TV.

When that did not work, I reseated the cable thinking perhaps one of my cats nudged it while walking behind the computer. Then I replaced the cable thinking the cable was perhaps broken. Then, thinking perhaps the HDMI port on my video card was defective, I hooked up a laptop that was connected, and working, on another TV. No luck. (Of course, I also tried each of the other HDMI ports on the TV (i.e. Ports 2, 3 and "Side.”)

The last think I did was reset the TV by choosing Menu —> Help —> Reset TV Settings.

Nothing has worked.

I am able to use each of the USB ports to listen to music or view pictures.

If anyone is able to help, I would appreciate it greatly.


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May 4, 2019, 7:37 PM

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Re: [PJO34] Vizio XVT323SV "No Signal"


use vga interface for video and pc audio port for sound. if your computer not have vga port buy hdmi to vga converter.