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Rare problem with backlight. Samsung 4K TV

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Feb 26, 2019, 11:47 PM

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Rare problem with backlight. Samsung 4K TV

I have a Samsung 50KU6000 4K TV model 2017 with this rare problem of backlight.
Everything works ok, all backlight leds work but in bright parts of every image appears those white rings.
I attached a image of a plain white picture; in darker movies is much less noticeable. Some rings are more noticeable than others, but almost every led produce those rings.
I tested different levels of backlight setting from 0 to 20.... same results
Opened the TV and it have 6 rows with 13 leds each. The power supply have 2 output lines with 120Vcc each, each for 39 leds of 3V....everything seems ok
The led's lens are good attached to each led.

Have you ever see this problem? Do you have any suggestion?
I donít want to buy a whole new backlight and maybe I spend that money and not resolve the problem

I appreciate any input in advance

Image here: