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Horizontal Shift on a Sony FDT-5BX5

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Apr 1, 2019, 10:21 PM

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Horizontal Shift on a Sony FDT-5BX5

I have a small Sony TV model FDT-5BX5 which has a horizontal shift issue.

I have located potentiometers for the h-size, v-size, pin amp and pin phase, but there is no v-pos or h-pos. (at least nothing labeled as such)

I understand that sometimes h-pos is also handled sometimes by a switch or a jumper, but I can't find that either.

Can anyone help me to identify the faulty component, or something I can adjust to fix the issue?

There is what I would describe as a loud whine that I think is coming from a transformer on the power stage board. There is a pot marked "RV-601" which appears to be close to this small transformer. I didn't want to adjust it without knowing what it would do, but here's a couple pics. I have pics of all the boards if required for me to post.

Any help that can be offered is appreciated!

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