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LG 42LK450-UB No Picture

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Jun 19, 2019, 12:47 PM

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LG 42LK450-UB No Picture

Hello all.. Hoping to pick a few brains before I start spending money. I have an LG 42LK450-UB I inherited from a friend after it stopped showing a picture (haven't verified whether or not there is still sound, but plan to check tonight. There's still power going to the speakers from the main board anyway). All voltages on the DC side of the power board are reading good, the standby light appears to do what it's supposed to (red when off, blue when on), but there's no picture. I don't see any visible signs of component damage. The one possible issue I came across is that there doesn't appear to be any voltage coming from the board to the LED connectors (circled in image - the bottom one runs to the other side of the screen) when the TV is on or off. I assume this is a bad thing and could be causing the problem, but wanted to check with people who have been doing this longer than I have. Power board - EAX61124201. Thanks for any pointers!

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