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Samsung UE55H8000SL Curved Boot loop after upgrade

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Jun 21, 2020, 11:46 PM

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Samsung UE55H8000SL Curved Boot loop after upgrade

Need help for my 55" curved 2014 I think failed to install new update from wifi (not usb file) when reboot for the first time after update finished it hang in the first configuration screen wizard for few seconds and nothing I can do so it reboot ---> logo ---> same thing
So my questions are
Is it possible to reflash with new firmware out of tv menu since I can get it to do this?
Is it possible to do a hard reset or something like this to get factory reset?
If it's a hardware issue (I don't think since the problem comes after launching update (maybe corrupted) what can I verify
Thanks lot
N.B: I've seen videos that show it's possible to remove nand flash and make it into a reader to reflash it with PC