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One end of screen ďpulsesĒ on white screen

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Apr 2, 2021, 3:30 PM

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One end of screen ďpulsesĒ on white screen

Tv: LG 47LN5750 LCD
Issue: when in a white screen, the left side pulses 2 seconds bright white, 2 seconds darker white. When it is bright, thatís normal and matches the right side. The darkness isnít uniform, itís a gradient with the darkest being on the left edge, and the centre of the TV being normal.

Iíve already replaced the backlight (some LEDs were burnt out), and Iíve checked that it isnít pulsing. Itís the actual pixels changing. It isnít as obvious with a video playing, but itís still noticeable.

Here is a video on whatís happening:

Anyone have any ideas on whatís wrong and how to fix it?