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VCR displays a wavy picture


Aug 23, 2021, 11:30 PM

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VCR displays a wavy picture

I have a VCR (Panasonic PV-4601) which is playing back a wavy picture. Very noticeable when credits roll, or when there's a straight line in the picture. Do you know if there's anything I can fix in the VCR so I can play these tapes correctly? I've noticed that when I rewind or FF and then press play, the waves take a few seconds to appear.

I bought this VCR last month, and it came with a tape which plays flawlessly. However, every other tape I own does this effect.

I can also accept a software solution that can reduce or eliminate this waviness, if you know anything that can do that. The curves do not move, the image is consistently distorted in the same place of the frame.