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LG 43UJ635V Blue tint problem

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Jul 13, 2022, 9:47 AM

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LG 43UJ635V Blue tint problem

 LG 43UJ635V

Hi, I bought this TV new 6 yrs ago. recently noticed picture losing brightness. tried resetting it and adjusting all the picture controls but still dimmer than normal. then turned on tv and it now has a blue tint on it.

Had a check through Forums and realized it is usually the backlight LED Array failing. A common fault on LG.
I can change the strips, have worked on lots of electrical equipment over the years.
I looked at purchasing new LED strips and they range from 13 on ebay to 90 for LG ones. Obviously, I wouldn't buy cheap ones that fail after 6 months but then it's not worth spending 90 on a 6 yr old tv.

Can you recommend reasonably priced but reliable LED Strips ot use.


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