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VCR Audio troubleshoot

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Jul 14, 2022, 8:49 PM

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VCR Audio troubleshoot

Never had to resort to asking around here though thought id give it a shot.

I bought a Samsung DVD VCR combo unit to play some older tapes i got laying around, been running into audio problems though they are specific.

Store bought VHS tapes seem almost completely fine.

Prerecorded VHS tapes are mixed, sometimes i get audio, though sometimes i do not.

Sometimes i only get audio if i plug the RED cable, into the WHITE port on the tv, while the white on white gets very feint sound even at max volume.

I tried Coaxial input for the unit, i only get video and no sound on certain tapes.

I am not sure the problem, something to do with the how it was recorded? Or a mono/stereo issue? I cant seem to change which i am using, just wish to hear your thoughts if you can help me, havent had much help elsewhere. Thanks.

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