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Samsung UN70TU700DF no picture, keeps cycling

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Sep 6, 2022, 4:26 AM

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Samsung UN70TU700DF no picture, keeps cycling


I havel a UN70TU700DF that won't display much. When turning it on, the backlight comes on, then dims. The standby light flashes twice. Then the whole things repeats.
When disconnecting the main board the backlight stays on constantly.
There seem to be several people with similar issues, but I haven't really seen any discussion come to a conclusion. Somebody said the panel might be bad - is there a way to check for sure?

Thank you!

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Sep 27, 2022, 3:56 AM

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Re: [ghiros] Samsung UN70TU700DF no picture, keeps cycling

So I got a chance to try a mainboard replacement, but the behavior is still the same. Funny thing - first I got the wrong board (BN41-02751A instead of BN94-15257K). They actually look identical, so I installed it.
When turning on the TV, the welcome sound played, but I only got lines on the screen.
With the replacement board (the right one this time), I cannot get any sound or picture, just backlight.

This seems to me like a T-Con problem, but I don't think this TV has one.