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Blaupunkt RTV-320ECV audio problem (no sound, almost)



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Jul 9, 2014, 1:30 AM

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Blaupunkt RTV-320ECV audio problem (no sound, almost) Can't Post


I got this Blaupunkt RTV-320ECV second hand cheap (few euros) and was unsure if it worked at all. It has some picture problems and I'm unsure if the drum heads (excuse me if I use wrong terms, I'm not quite familiar with VCR's and English is not my main language) can be fully recovered.

It has picture, with few little bit of problems, however, it has no audio at all.

Almost at all, that is. I hear no sound at all when pressing play and letting the tape roll on (tested with various tapes). However, when I press rewind (either rewind is faulty or it really works as such ridiculous way, that you have to HOLD rewind button for it to rewind - when released, it plays at regular speed) and release the button - just right after the release when tape starts to roll at normal playing speed, I hear the sound very shortly (perhaps 0,5-1 seconds of time). This happens every time. The audio does sound just right, judging as well as possible out of such short time of hearing it. When I press and release rewind many times I can for example hear parts of the speech and music, but they fade away very quickly after each time of rewinding.

Hopefully this explanation was understandable. So, it seems that sound is there, but for some reason it's not to be heard at all except just right after I release rewind button and tape starts to run at normal speed, very shortly, thus indicating that audio chip what ever handles it with this VCR is functional. I have tried to clean audio "heads" too with a swab.

Is there any other part than the actual audio heads or audio chip in VCR such as this that could cause this problem, and if so, what could it be? If anyone has a clue, I can take a picture of inside of the VCR, so someone could perhaps pinpoint the possible component for me that could be problematic.

I have other functional VCR's, but I really like the design of this Blaupunkt, which is why I'd like to try to get it work, in addition to just for kicks.



Aug 25, 2014, 9:29 PM

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Re: [dungeoncrawler] Blaupunkt RTV-320ECV audio problem (no sound, almost) [In reply to] Can't Post

Some VCRs are like that they only cue or review as long as the button is pressed. As for the audio, clean with some tissue paper soaked in alcohol, make sure to clean the edges throughly as the audio track is on the very edge of the tape. If the audio sound ow and muffled, you can always try to turn the spring loaded screw so the head can is aligned with the audio track.

Before messing with the screw try to record something on that same VCR and play it back and see if it plays back alright, that would confirm that the head is out of alignment.


Aug 25, 2014, 9:40 PM

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Re: [t0nito] Blaupunkt RTV-320ECV audio problem (no sound, almost) [In reply to] Can't Post

Strange how insects get in there and play with those settings when you're not looking.Tongue

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Aug 25, 2014, 11:08 PM

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Re: [jts1957] Blaupunkt RTV-320ECV audio problem (no sound, almost) [In reply to] Can't Post

I actually had a VCR that did have similar symptoms, muffed and low volume audio,the audio cleared for a second after reversing and hitting play, and a half turn of the screw was all it took to fix it! Why? I don't know.


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