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TV Samsung 1080P LED Help Please (No Real Life Picture) Very Strange



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Dec 25, 2014, 11:52 PM

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TV Samsung 1080P LED Help Please (No Real Life Picture) Very Strange Can't Post

Hi, yes as posted above as my title, I have a 1080P Samsung 39 inch LED Television. It was just manufactured in January 2014 this year. I purchased this TV at Best Buy. Now this supposedly is a Smart TV but when I try to connect wirelessly on my TV it says it says I need a USB plugged in. Well I plugged one in got my photos and videos that were from the Internet but I still couldn't get online. Now if I need a cable for that I don't understand how it's wireless built in. :huh2: Where would I plug the cable or adapter from my TV into what? I only get WIFI that's built in to my Sony BLU-RAY Player. That's the only way I can get online on my TV is through my DVD player.

Now this is the major mystery. My 1080P Samsung LED TV has both HDMI Cables both (Gold) plugged in to both my HD Cable Box to my TV and it's from Verizon and it's the latest Cable Box btw. And the other HDMI Cable is connected to my TV to my Sony BLU-RAY player. However now get this, this is weird, My Mom and my Uncle both have Samsung TVS both LED and they both get a REAL LIFE PICTURE for their BLU-RAY player and Regular TV. And their TVS are couple of years older and they are not using any more expensive cables then I'm using. I mean gee whiz even a DVD movie that is from 1990 and another DVD movie that is from 1970, their Samsung TV gets the Real Life Picture for the movie that's not even in BLU-RAY disc and my Samsung 1080P LED that's made from this year does not even on my Regular HD Channels. I mean the quality is good but it's not True Real Life picture like my Moms and Uncles. They both have Verizon too and they both have a Samsung BLU-RAY player mine is a SONY but I know that's not it. My TV has the latest firmware, Cables, but sadly NO REAL LIFE picture. :mrsgreen:

I don't understand this I have the latest TV Firmware and no REAL LIFE PICTURE. :geezer:

I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue and I will read every comment and will respond to each one when I get a chance. Sorry this is a long post. But yeah I give up on the mystery of the real life picture they my Mom and Uncle get and I don't.


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