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PLEASE HELP LCD 55" Mysterious lines



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Oct 26, 2016, 9:31 AM

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PLEASE HELP LCD 55" Mysterious lines Can't Post

Hi all thank you in advance for any help.
I have a Model 55thlchd1. Thorn brand tv 55" lcd tv that's about 4 years old has been a great TV until our recent move into a brand new home that is close to an a small learn to fly airport and a stack of estate development and house building sites surrounding us.
What has happend is the TV has developed a set of lines across the screen. These lines are about 5mm to 15mm and about 5mm apart each other in lines up and down vertically and repeated about 10 times across from left to right. It appears to be an interferance type thing as i have pulled tv apart cleaned and checked all connectors cables and ribbons I had to re tape some insulation tape holding cables neatly I do not see any capacitors bulging or blown or discoloured. It's not any specific imputed because happens when all is disconnected and the pattern of problem starts of little white specks to bigger white specks to white and green specks to a whole screen mash of white and green and flicking back to good image again. I have suspected that Saturday lunchtime to Sunday night seems non or little interferance but only tested 1 weekend only so far. So I suspect it's the builders or airport somehow causing interferance maybe. I've changed power cable to faulty unit and still there even on no signal screen only power connected. In this home I've tried it in 4 locations with 5 power points thru a fancy surge protector board without any luck I cannot find how to gain access to this tv manufacture menu if any to reset the image settings as I've know of this to fix other tvs. I have 2 other TV different types in the home including one I brought to replace the faulty one but I am not convinced the TV is dead I just have to eliminate the interferance effect. Or somone with better knowledge advise me other wise. Regards Frustrated dad of 2. I have good pictures of the fault TV image just don't know how to post on here. Thanks again

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Oct 26, 2016, 10:27 AM

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Re: [RebelTNT] PLEASE HELP LCD 55" Mysterious lines [In reply to] Can't Post

Gess it much be too much to use 'Search Posts' to find info bout "posting Picture" even. Angelic

Posting Pictures:

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Oct 27, 2016, 8:03 AM

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Re: [jts1957] PLEASE HELP LCD 55" Mysterious lines [In reply to] Can't Post

Guess it's too much for subtle simple assistance too without silent sarcasm. Not everyone is as familiar with all the jargon in the new digital age and I consider myself quite fluent. But I've spent most of my years on my feet locking scum away from the streets to bother with computer games or antisocial media. Thanks for the direction to a excellent post on how to associate the forum and images. Kindest retards.

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Oct 28, 2016, 7:47 AM

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Re: [RebelTNT] PLEASE HELP LCD 55" Mysterious lines [In reply to] Can't Post

Thankyou everyone who views this post and bearing with my illiteracy in the digital age and the limited common sence for online etiquette I have masters this post that has allowed me to share images with you.
I appreciate any advise or guidance in this situation. As said it rotates thru 4 alternating image intensities of interferance clear. Minimal. Moderate. Maximum. Almost like a variable speed appliance or interferance is being used causing this image to destabilize. Being the weekend again I will be interested to see how late Saturday and Sunday goes as this is when it was fault free and the TV appeared to fault 24/5 1/2 other days.


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