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Playback problems with NOS JVC VHS VCR


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Jul 4, 2018, 7:31 PM

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Playback problems with NOS JVC VHS VCR Can't Post

Hi all, new member here.

I have some VHS video tapes circa early 1990s I was hoping to capture with my PC.

I got a deal on an NOS JVC HR-D620U from the same era that I was hoping to use for playback:

It's a Canadian machine, so I was under the impression it was NTSC (I live in the U.S., my tapes were recorded in the U.S.) and would be no problem.

Upon receipt of the machine, I wanted to test it out before I plunked down coin on an EZ cap (Hauppauge Live2).

To my dismay, on playback, the display shows horizontal bars with a shifting image within each bar. This, coupled with the display going black every few seconds, intermittently.

Difficult to describe, really, so check this out:

I tried fiddling with the tracking, tried playing back different tapes from different eras (early 2000s), tried switching between different cables, even tried different TV monitors. No change/improvement... =(

Doing some initial googling, I find many who report this have dirty heads. But... this machine is essentially "new". Or... is it? Could something have happened with the machine sitting all these years, unused, to affect playback?

Is there something with Canadian NTSC that differs from US NTSC?

Did all my tapes over different years fail in exactly the same way?

Did I get a machine that had a problem from day 1?




Jul 5, 2018, 2:48 PM

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Re: [fazeka] Playback problems with NOS JVC VHS VCR [In reply to] Can't Post


Were/Are ALL tapes attempted originally recorded using the same speed? For example, If all attempted were at "SP," try some that were recorded at 'EP/SLP.' It is a 4 head machine and one set of heads could be worn/dirty. MOST store bought 'movies' were recorded at 'SP.' Consumer recorded tapes could be any of the three speeds.

HRD*** *Loss of part of picture to noise bar *Change 3.3/50v smd on lower drum pcb, use radial.

Although in my experience the bar would appear at random positions across screen each time same tape was 'stopped' then 'play' is pressed, including once in a while playing normally (until 'stop' is hit).
These caps would all fail eventually.

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