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Samsung LCD Antenna Image Smear



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Jan 4, 2011, 6:50 AM

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Samsung LCD Antenna Image Smear Can't Post

I have a Samsung LN46550 46" LCD TV.

When wathcing TV from the built-in TV tuner, the picture is highly smearable.

To best describe this, think of a a news boradcast where the camera is focusing on a guys face. He nods his head, and in doing so his chin and forehead blur, like the image stays in the same spot and the new spot together.

This happens on digital channels, HD content (some are broadcast in 720P, some are 1080i, other sub channels are 480P/I).

This ONLY happens on images from OTA broadcasts.

Any other input does not experience this at all. I have a PS3 via HDMI, an HTPC that I use to upscale DVD's and play BD, via DVI to HDMI, and a PS2 hooked up via regular RCA. These inputs do not experience this issue.

I first thought it was the TV, so I had Samsung replace it (Then I had the LN46A550). They didn't have that model so they gave me this newer model.

Same problem. I then thought it was my antenna signal strength. I re-ran coax, shortened the length of the run by almost 40ft, and still experienced the issue. Signal strength of the signals are never below 90%.

I also just recently purchased an OTA DVR (DTVPal DVR model) from an Ebay selling across the country. I have it hooked up to my TV via its HDMI output. The image smear is still there through the DVR's HDMI. The DVR had some programs on it that were not deleted before it was sent to me (so from a broadcast clear across the country). I played a few of those and had the same problem with the smearing.

So to me it looks like the issue is something related to how the TV is processing the OTA signal that it receives, whether its from a COAX source or an HDMI source, if its that video format, it has image smear.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this issue? I would really appreciate the help!


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