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SONY OLED TV no picture



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Aug 17, 2023, 11:45 PM

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SONY OLED TV no picture Can't Post

I bought a new Sony KD-65A8G OLED in Singapore in 2020, brought it back the the US in 2022. It’s 110-220V rated, so worked fine for a year. Then one day it wouldn’t power on at all, maybe surge damage, it wasn’t using protection.

Sony doesn’t service the Carolinas! Weird, but whatever. Even Geek Squad couldn’t help and there are literally no independent TV repair companies here either (Charlotte, a good sized city).

So now I’m DIY’ing. I replaced the power board, still no power. Then replaced the main board, and now have power and sound (demo mode music), but no picture. I then replaced the T-con board, but still no picture. The panel looks fine, no physical damage.

Here’s the nuance — the KD65-A8G was marketed in Asia/Australia from what I can tell, but is identical to the U.S. model XBR-65A8G, except for the main board. The KD uses Sony main board P/N A-2229-184-A, which I can find nowhere. The XBR uses Sony P/N A-2229-191-A, which are plentiful on eBay, and that’s what I used to replaced my dead main board. They use the same base circuit board (identical model numbers) but populated differently (more I/O’s), however all cable connector pin-outs to the power board and display are identical. The other boards are identical between the KD and XBR.

So, what could be causing the no display problem? Do OLED panels die? Could there be some firmware mismatch between the main board and the display (the T-con boards are identical). Could the power or ribbon cables be damaged?

I hope someone can share some insight because this was a $4,000 TV new and what a waste to have it crap out in just 3 years.

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Oct 10, 2023, 4:40 PM

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Re: [GuyNC] SONY OLED TV no picture [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi, I'm NJ, the Plant Manager and in-house Sony expert at TV Parts Today.
OLED panels definitely die and a defective panel can mimic the symptoms of any circuit board failure.

For no picture, that's either going to be the main board, tcon board or the screen. It is very unlikely your issue would be your FFCs as if you have never messed with them, they would not be damaged.
I would replace both circuit boards and if nothing changes, you know it is the screen itself. Be sure to do the USB firmware update after replacing either main board or tcon to ensure the main/tcon pairs with what is in your set and with the screen or else the TV will appear to be DOA or without picture.

IF you want to post photos of all of the original parts, we can be sure that all the parts are identifcal like stated. More often than not though, USA Sony parts are not interchangable IF the TV was manufacturered for use in another country. If you are in the US and the TV was made to be used in the US, you should be fine.

Edited: Okay, I see you stated you purchased it in Singapore - your best option would be to try to source the part from that country then as the firmware would absolutely be different

(This post was edited by tvrepairtech_ on Oct 10, 2023, 4:41 PM)

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Oct 23, 2023, 12:20 PM

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Re: [tvrepairtech_] SONY OLED TV no picture [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you NJ.

UPDATE… As described before, I had replaced the Main Board using the latest model A-2229-191-A main board from a USA Sony model XBR-65A8G because I could not find a replacement main board A-2229-184-A for my Singapore model KD65-A8G. That board was simply not available anywhere (I believe it was marketed to the Australia/UK market perhaps). And I know that the main board was the root cause of the problem.

I also replaced the power board and the TCON boards for good measure. Those part numbers were identical between TV models. And as described in the original posts, I got sound, no picture.

As my last ditch effort to save this thing, I replaced the ribbon cables between the main board and the TCON board using a pair from a US model and voila, the set works again! So that meant that the panel was not broken or defective, which I had hoped was the case. And the ribbon cables are unique to the main board.

I have to report that there are some faint vertical color gradation patterns and lines in the background, like the resolution is not perfect, consistent across the whole screen, only noticeable when video is still, such as on menus. It’s not really noticeable when video is active. Not ideal but I can live with it. I updated the firmware but it’s still present. I don’t know what’s causing the incompatibility or if the cables need to be reseated or something else. Let me know your thoughts on that.

I’m just happy I salvaged the set for a couple hundred dollars vs paying a few thousand for a replacement 65” OLED TV.


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