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Pew Research Centre: 46% of American adults have smart phones

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Mar 5, 2012, 9:56 AM

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Pew Research Centre: 46% of American adults have smart phones

Pew Research Centre respectively visited 2277 in May last year and 2253 18 years old or older of U.S. adults and this year's February, less than one year, adults with smart mobile phone rise by 11%, jumped to 46% from 35%. At the same time, have Feature Phone and other types of cell Phone Numbers are down trend, reduced by 48% to 41%. And interestingly, the biggest increase group is the family group income less than US $30000 (the least income of survey category), up 12%, more than 11% of US $50000 to 74999 income groups, and more than 9% of US $75000 is up more.

As for the phone OS, in the same period Android mobile phone usage by 15% the number up to 20%, iPhone rose to 19% from 10%; Recent years, disadvantage of the blackberry is decreased from 10% to 6%. Windows Phone keep the ratio of 2%, soon to open source Palm (webOS) 1%. Lastly, if take the age group to calculate, 18 to 24 the number of smart mobile phone has jumped to 67% from 18%, one of the biggest rose in many group (18%); More mature 45 to 54 age group's rise also cannot ignore, 16%, almost overtook the former!

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