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Samsung UN55h6400AFXZA Blank Screen

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Jan 27, 2021, 1:28 AM

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Samsung UN55h6400AFXZA Blank Screen

Iím hoping someone has seen this before. When I power on the TV, I get the SMART TV logo, but then nothing but a black screen. I can tell the backlight is on, because there is a dark blue hue to the screen. Also, with the panel off, light comes through the back. I cannot change input, see volume display, no menu on screen and the TV will not power off. I have to unplug the TV to turn it off. When plugged back in, the remote will turn it on, but the same results on screen and power off. I found a T-Con board for $15 and will try that, but main boards are running $125ish.


Feb 15, 2021, 11:43 PM

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Re: [Ky130] Samsung UN55h6400AFXZA Blank Screen

The reason the Main boards are higher priced is they are more likely to be the solution to more problems.

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