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Samsung UE55ES6800

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Feb 12, 2021, 12:32 PM

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Samsung UE55ES6800

Hopefully somebody has seen this before, although online searches have revealed nothing.

This is a 55" 3D smart tv and has developed a fault which basically splits the video into 3 sections. The right hand side is perfect, the centre of the screen has what can only be described as a vertical wavy band which looks to be red in colour and makes a face(for example) look a lot redder than it should. The left hand side has horrendous ghosting, as an example if I was watching a football match and the ball is in that area of the screen then all we see is a light coloured line of the balls flight which can take about 5-10 seconds to fade away.

I have tried a T-con board and main board with no change in the symptoms.

The ghosting started after doing a factory reset in an attempt to clear the wavy line.

A still picture is perfect apart from that wavy line.